My chest is going to collapse

I have cateminal epilpesy. This means that my seizures are hormonally based and therefore occur at certain times of the month. All of my seizures normally happen in this small 2-5 day window (sometimes a couple outside of it as well). Within these days my chest feels like it’s going to constantly collapse, my breathingContinue reading “My chest is going to collapse”

Accept it, Don’t expect it

One of the biggest changes I have made in my approach to dealing with my epilepsy is not expecting sympathy or understanding from others. This sounds like a very harsh thing to do, but, from my experiences I have learned that I have received less sympathy and understanding from others then I have expected whichContinue reading “Accept it, Don’t expect it”

I think the Lottery might have better odds then Brain Surgery

When my neurologist first mentioned that brain surgery is even an option for me I left the office in complete shock. As he told me, it probably looked like I was about to get hit by a semi truck with my eyes popping out of my face while I just slowly nodded my head andContinue reading “I think the Lottery might have better odds then Brain Surgery”

The More Risk, the More Reward

My epilepsy has made me feel guilty doing the weirdest things. Like, things that no one would think could make someone feel guilty. Even things that most of the world would feel pride and accomplishment from doing. For example, I never thought that I would feel guilty going for a relatively easy run. However, whenContinue reading “The More Risk, the More Reward”

Driving in your world seems a bit Dangerous

I started driving at a very young age. Started off with quads and a dirt bike and then got my license the second I was eligible to do so. My dirt bike was only for a summer until it magically went missing (cough mom cough). I loved driving and still do love it. It wasContinue reading “Driving in your world seems a bit Dangerous”

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