Epilepsy from an inside perspective

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Trust your Gut

You don’t need to explain or justify your feelings to anyone. Just trust your gut and follow its guidance. I recently made the mistake of not trusting my gut. Instead, I trusted my neurologist. Let me explain. I won’t get completely into it but it has been almost ten years of being with the sameContinue reading “Trust your Gut”

Fools are Happier.

There is this famous philosopher named Desiderius Erasmus. He made this claim that fools are happier. This is because fools live in accordance to their true feelings and hold less fear. They have less fear over death and guilt over their doings because they do not have the wisdom to even grasp these concepts. TheyContinue reading “Fools are Happier.”

Your Vacation.

Having epilepsy is like putting a person on their dream vacation, which is in the sun on a beach, while they have a reoccurring heat stroke and a severe sun burn. Let me explain. Epilepsy does not necessarily mean you are not blessed (on vacation). I have epilepsy and often look at my life andContinue reading “Your Vacation.”


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I will be posting a new blog on a different topic once a week, feel free to make suggestions or comments.

About Me

Hi, Im Becca. I am an epileptic with a strong drive. I am using this site to share the struggles and accomplishments my epilepsy has brought me. Living with epilepsy is definitely a windy, unclear and confusing road with many barriers. It should not be something you go through alone!

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